This website is to help single parents be their best.

deal with any emotional baggage… connect into a support network… live a purposeful life…. be a good role model …. love your children …. be a responsible parenting partner….create a work life balance … take care of yourself….seek and access resources in the community ….seek help for your children

One Together is named as it looks at single parenting form two perspectives. The first is the ‘One’ – the one resource that you as a single parent will need to work on to parent well –  and that is you – ‘the one’.

The ‘together’ aspect both you and your children together are a family, and you cannot single parent alone. You will need a supportive network of people that ‘together’ be a support to you and your kids.


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After you have listened to the welcome and the quick introduction to how my journey to start creating resources you can see I learned;

  • from being a single parent to flourish as single parent family takes some intentionality, sign up for the chapter Successful single parenting and see blog How I flourished as a single parent
  • from my experience and supporting other single parents I noticed that if the parent is functioning well this is reflected in the lives of the children

The premise of One Together is developing the best in the parent. The parent may be the sole carer, have shared care or just have the children for visits. The material is applicable to any and all. It is suitable for those who have experienced the end of relationship or marriage, or the single parent by choice or circumstance.You can be single parenting due to:

  • an intentional choice to raise a child on your own
  • circumstances forcing you to raise a child on your own
  • separation  and divorce from a registered marriage
  • separation from a defacto relationship
  • death of a spouse
  • raising someone else’s child (many grandparents are doing this)
  • functioning as a single parent (eg while your partner is in prison or serving in the military)

While there may be some difference in some aspects of the single parenting due to the circumstance that caused it, the act of being a single parent is hard work whatever the cause. Extra emotional difficulties arise for single parents whose partners are still alive but not living with them.

If you are a single parent for you and your children’s’ sake – be your best!  It takes an investment of time, energy, love, self-control and strategic planning to be a successful single parent.

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The website is divided into 3 main sections:

  • One focusing on the parent
  • Together focusing on the family and getting support
  • Blogs are an expansion of these ideas to help you be the best single parent you can be and are posted once a fortnight on the first and third Thursday of the month.

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