5 reasons to pursue your passion and purpose beyond parenting

As my kids are flying the coop, I thought there wasn’t too much else to learn as a single parent. I was wrong (again! – see last blog).  Now I am so glad I have chosen to invest in myself. I have discovered five reasons to share with you about why you need to be pursing your passions and purpose beyond parenting.

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My empty nest

My kids are basically grown up, now in their early twenties. My boy lives interstate and my girl has just spent six weeks overseas pursuing her purpose and holidaying. I experienced an empty nest. I realised I am in a time of transition. My kids are transitioning to independent adult life -although they still want me if they need something (usually money but occasionally my pearls of wisdom).

After close to two decades as a single parent I recognise this journey isn’t easy and I have been eagerly awaiting the time when the kids leave home. But now that time is here and I am grieving the change a little. I am pleased though that I have spent time in the last few years increasing my pursuit of passion and purpose.  Resurrecting my writing and His Heart Ministry Training is part of this. It is acting like a cushion to absorb some of the impact of their push for independence, and it is a push. It’s hard and hurts sometimes. I know I will be alright as I have a vision of myself being independent of them. My vision doesn’t completely depend on my role as a mother. I have passion and purpose beyond being a parent.

5 reasons to pursue your passion and purpose beyond parenting

So here are five reasons why it’s important to invest in you and pursue your passions.

  1. You are a role model to your kids
  2. You will enjoy your time of parenting as you have time for yourself
  3. It is easier for your kids to leave as they know you are independent from them
  4. It makes it easier to transition to an empty nest
  5. It is healthy to achieve your purpose

Role modelling living a life of purpose

Pursuing your passion makes you a role model to your kids. It gives them permission and shows them how to be their best.

Investing in your passions helps you enjoy daily life as a parent

If you enjoy some time out doing something just for you, it will help ease some of the stress and strain that is part of parenting on your own. When you are absorbed in doing something you love, time passes and it fills your soul – psychologists call it ‘flow’. You need times like this to provide respite and health to the body and mind.

It is easier for your kids to leave as they know you are independent from them

I know this from the personal experience of leaving home myself, so I intentionally wove this principle into my kids’ lives. I always spoke to my kids in ways to encourage them to pursue their dreams and modelled commitment to mine, so they would have the freedom to pursue their passion and purpose. Now as young adults this entails living interstate or overseas. They know I won’t be sitting at home lost and wallowing and that makes it easier for them to leave the nest.

It makes it easier to transition to an empty nest

I was a bit surprised by how I am feeling as I see my nest empty. So many years of wanting to have more time to myself and now it is upon me. But by keeping up with my passion, I know who I am without my kids. My self-worth is not wrapped in the role of mum. I can be other things and I can do other things apart from parenting. I am more than a parent. I am using my gifts and talents and that helps me invest in my future, in who I want to be, not lamenting the end of my role as a hands on parent and wondering  who I am. I can see my future with the kids doing their own thing and me doing mine.

It is healthy to achieve your purpose

The definition of health is achieving your potential, and living with passion and purpose makes for a healthier life. As a Christian I also know I am fulfilling the purpose  I was created for and can sense God’s pleasure when I do that. Check out more on living a life of propose and achieving your dreams here.

Putting legs in it

How can you start living a life of purpose today? Sometimes in the busyness of single parenting you lose touch with who you are and what you like. What did you enjoy doing when you were younger? What activity did you lose yourself in? How can you build some of this into your life now?

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