Balance has the image of ‘equilibrium’: a sense that with all your roles and demands noting is about to topple. You have a balance caring for yourself with caring for your children. You may be too busy or choosing to pour yourself into your children’s lives that you are not taking time out to care for yourself.

The dictionary also uses defines balance as ‘mental steadiness or emotional stability’ 1 This is having satisfaction and balance between all the dimension of  your health. Learn more by clicking here

To function in the role of single parent you will need to develop skills to manage competing priorities. I have usually described determining priorities as a process I called the pieces of pie, where instead of using linear list or quadrants of urgent and important, you see your tasks and roles as pieces of pie. So you spin the pie and focus on one piece at a time, being present in the moment; not overloading by trying to juggle multiple activities and thoughts at the same time. I now know this is the practice of mindfulness. For more strategies see blog 10 strategies to practice balance as a single parent

What can you do to improve your mindfulness?


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