Forgiveness is essential to being a whole person and is necessary to parent well. You need to practice forgiveness of others as part of being a role model. You need to forgive yourself for the times you are not the perfect parent!

Forgiving others is not about them and what they did; it’s about you and moving on with your life.  It does not excuse or belittle what happened. It does not make the other person right or mean you have to let them have the power to hurt you again. Forgiveness buys your freedom.  It is a process not a one off event. It is not about how you feel or what you emotions say, it is that act of saying ‘I forgive’. However important it is to forgive others, ensure your safety at all times. The safest way may be writing a letter you never post.

What areas do you need to practice self-forgiveness? What steps can you take to practice forgiveness?

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