Being a single parent is consuming of time, energy and finances but it cannot be all that you are. You cannot pour yourself into your children, if you are empty. Here are 5 reasons to pursue your passion and purpose beyond parenting

  1. You are a role model to your kids
  2. You will enjoy your time of parenting as you have time for yourself
  3. It is easier for your kids to leave as they know you are independent from them
  4. It makes it easier to transition to an empty nest
  5. It is healthy to achieve your purpose

What is a life giving activity to you? What dreams do you have? What are you doing that fills you – that makes your soul sing?



By living a life where you are fulfilled you model this to your children. They see in you what life of purpose looks like, and will be attracted to that and follow your example. Your life needs to be more than just being a single parent.

To help you find your purpose See blog 3 ways to help you find your purpose

  • Reflect on the above things.
    • What makes you stand on your soap box?
    • What are you good at?
    • What personality are you?
    • What do you like doing?
  • Try different things. After teaching young kids in Sunday School for a year I learned I did not want to be teacher!
  • Ask others what they see in you and what they think you are good at
  • Use a resources such as SHAPE courses in some local churches or use the guides in the following books:
    • Katie Brazelton ‘Praying for Purpose for women’ 2005, Zondervan, USA
    • Max Lucado ‘Cure for the common life’ 2005, W Publishing Group, USA
    • Rick Warren ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ 2002, Zondervan, USA

When thinking about your purpose, you come to the dream. What is that you would like to do or what do you want your life to look like? See achieving the dream and do one thing every day towards it.