You are the one. You are the one resource that you will need to work on to parent well, you have power over how you think and how you act. Children learn by observing their parents and how they do life. You choose the role model your children will see.

Watch the youtube clip One Together – Being a role model for more information (its a very old clip!!)

Can you think of an example where your children have listened to what you’ve done and not what you said i.e. they copied your behavior and were not inspired by your words?

So to be the best parent you can be, to be able to nurture the children and be a good role model, you need to manage your emotions, practice forgiveness and fulfill your purpose in life.

Role modelling includes:

  • showing children love, understanding and respect
  • being aware and taking an interest in children’s activities
  • communicating well including how you manage conflict
  • valuing your health
  • being positive (about yourself, learning etc)
  • using problem solving skills when confronted with a challenge
  • practicing forgiveness and apologising when you weren’t’ the perfect parent

Take the quiz to assess your role modelling in the blog Your children are watching you. What are they seeing? 6 questions to assess your role modelling.

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