A reminder: you are the one resource you have to parent well as a single parent. You are a precious resource. But are you taking care of that resource? Are you taking care of yourself?

You cannot care for others including your children without first caring for yourself. It’s like the safety message on airplanes – in the event of lack of oxygen, put on your own mask before helping others to out on their. By caring for yourself you show your children how to value themselves by looking after their health.

Caring for yourself is looking after all of your needs in all areas of your health.

  • Physical health
  • Spiritual health – provides hope and meaning for life
  • Relational health – our connection to others
  • Emotional health – our reaction to the stresses of life
  • Mental health – encompasses our self-esteem and our thinking processes

Download a copy of His Heart Ministry Training Health and Balance Assessment to rate your level of health in each area, and then complete the assessment of your balance between caring for you and caring for others, and balance within those areas. As a single parent self-care has to be built into the calendar, not left to “free time” because there never is “free time”. Get creative and combine caring for your health in multiple areas e.g. I have walked along a path next to a river with a friend while the kids were at a dance class. This helped my physical health with exercise, my relational health by being with my friend, my emotional and mental health by downloading and problem solving with her, and spiritual health by enjoying the scenery away from the noise and sights of suburbia.

What are you doing to care for your health? What areas of health need more attention?

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