Just when you think you’ve got the hang of it – life changes!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my first blog on this current website.

It’s great to look back and see what has been achieved in that time. There are some regrets and frustrations where it hasn’t always gone like I planned – which is like parenting.

As a parent, you don’t always get it right! Sometimes that is only what we focus on – the regrets, the frustrations, the things we know we didn’t do well, the things we said that we’d like to take back, the times we wish we’d paid more attention and not been so preoccupied by our own thoughts or struggles, or just paying the bills. You may have a tendency to see your faults and failings, and forget to celebrate your successes. Give yourself a pat on the back for being there for your kids, for growing as a parent, for loving your kids unconditionally. You are doing great! Focus on that.

The year in review

So, this blog is my chance to focus on what has been covered in the past year and celebrate that. I also discovered a way to categorise blogs (just like parenting there is always something else to learn!) so while I am writing this, I am categorising the blogs on the website by topics

Role Modelling

Your children are watching you. What are they seeing? 6 questions to assess your role modeling

Health and self-care

7 ways to improve your health as single parent

10 strategies to practice balance as a single parent

4 strategies to ease the household load as a single parent

How to reduce stress as a single parent (to fit with your limited time, babysitting and financial resources)

How to prioritise and schedule


Why every single parent shouldn’t parent alone

Increasing your support

How to build a friendship network

Flourishing as a single parent

My 7 keys to flourish as a single parent

8 steps to see yourself as a family

Two steps to live a whole life


3 steps to take when you get it wrong as a parent

How to use the 5 love languages to better fill your children’s love tank

What to do with Mother’s Day pain

Single parent specifics

The one step in relating with the other parent

How to reframe the problems of Christmas into an opportunity

3 cheers for you

3 steps to organise your new year as a single parent family

The do’s and don’ts of love tank filling as a single parent

Where are you on the control freak scale?

A message for ‘stubborn independent control freaks’


5 reasons to pursue your passion and purpose beyond parenting

3 ways to help you find your purpose

Where to from here?

As a parent, you’ve had times where you feel you are doing well. For example, you have a handle on parenting a two-year-old with the tantrums and then your child turns three, and it’s back to learning how to parent again.

I have been comfortable and found a rhythm with blogging on One Together, New Life in the Mourning and His Heart Ministry Training, but things are changing. I am entering the next season of my life with the launch of my Vicky Legge website, so the rhythm will need to change.

From now on I will blog on One Together on the fourth Thursday of the month and release a blog on New Life in the Mourning on the second Thursday of the month.  To make it easier for you, if you are signed up to the mailing list I will deliver the blog and other bonuses straight to your email in box. Sign up by clicking here. If you have any feedback on the past year, comments on the blog frequency, topics to consider, then please let me know by leaving a comment here, on the Facebook page or via contact

Thank you for journeying with me this far, and I look forward to where we go next.

Photo credit: Annie Spratt unsplash.com