I believe as a Christian that God is alongside me, loving and caring for my children and me. In the midst of the tiredness and struggle of the daily grind parenting on my own I believe there is hope. This hope comes from God and what he says about me and my circumstances, in the Bible. It is the whisper of his presence when I feel alone and overwhelmed; the light of a promise of a future when my present appears a never ending tunnel of darkness. I explore this further in the Devotional guide ‘7 Days of hope for your future – encouragement for the single parent’.

You are not alone in your role as a single parent, the God of the universe sees and cares for you. He sees your struggles and He is for you. He also cares for and about your children.

The Bible records God’s his special care for the widow and the fatherless. Single parents and their children are today’s widows and fatherless. God is:

  • ‘ A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows…’ (Psalm 68:5a NIV)
  • ‘…the helper of the fatherless.’ (Psalm 10:14b) The rest of this verse says God sees the trouble of the afflicted, considers their grief and takes it in hand. Many times in the Bible, God exhorts his people to look after the widow and orphans and makes promises to help the widow and orphan.

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The Bible says God’s people should:

  • Provide for widows and orphans through their tithes and leaving some of their harvest behind for them     Deut. 14:28, 29,     Deut. 24:19–22
  • Do not defraud     Prov. 23:10
  • Defend     Ps. 82:3
  • Care for     James 1:27
  • Don’t take advantage of, mistreat (oppress not) and rescue them from those who  do   Zech. 7:10, Jer. 22:3

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